Ukraine is currently in the process of working on its TNA. It has completed its sectors and technology prioritization process and its second reports (Barrier Analysis and Enabling Frameworks).

Ukraine is located in eastern Europe on the Black Sea, and it also border Byeloryssia in the north, Poland, Slavakia, Hungary Romania, Hungary Romania, and Moldova in the west and Russia in the east. After Russia, Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. With its fertile farmlands, it has great agricultural potential and is among the world’s largest grain exporters. Compared to other EU countries, Ukraine is one of Europe’s largest energy consumers, primarily due to its inefficient energy infrastructure. Scientific research show that climate change in Ukraine is having significant impacts on agriculture, forestry, water and the coastal zone, where the level of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea is rising.

The TNA Project website of the responsible entity, which is in Ukrainian, can be accessed here.

Ukraine’s TNA contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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Key sectors for adaptation

  • Agriculture
  • Water management

Key sectors for mitigation

  • Agriculture
  • Waste management

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