The workshop is intended to provide inputs and training to the National Consultants /Experts with regard to: Identifying barriers and inefficiencies by using market mapping and other tools Identifying activities aimed at overcoming the identified barriers and inefficiencies; Identifying enabling framework activities to accelerate technology deployment; Enhancing outreach and awareness on the technology needs at a national level to attract […]

When: 22 October, 2019 - 24 October, 2019

Speakers: NDC Partnership, TEC, NDC Dialogue representatives, UNEP DTU Partnership, GCF, GEF, TNA national coordinators, Parties, other stakeholders To achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, implementation of climate technologies is necessary on a large scale and in short time. Climate technologies are successfully operating and well proven in many countries. However, climate technologies are only moderately implemented in many […]

When: 21 June, 2019 - 21 June, 2019
Where: Room Berlin, Bonn Climate Change Conference, Germany
When: 24 April, 2019 - 26 April, 2019
Where: Les Filaos, Senegal