Enhancing Means of Implementation through Technology Needs Assessments

8 July, 2021 08:00 AM - 8 July, 2021 09:00 AM

Description of the event

As part of the Asia Pacific Climate Week, UNEP DTU Partnership and UNFCCC are organising an online session focusing on Technology Needs Assessments in the Asia Pacific region. The online event will take place the 8th of July from 8-9 GMT+9.

Acknowledging the importance of technological change in reducing emissions and stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions, Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) were strongly referenced in the Paris agreement.

Moreover, helping developing countries to conduct effective TNAs and implement their prioritized needs, has become instrumental to the UNFCCC implementation efforts. During this event country representatives will discuss the TNAs and their ability to provide information about the potential, ability, and scale of climate change technologies.

Technology Needs Assessments can play a unique role in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions. We will also discuss how to enhance implementation of Technology Action Plans, which countries prepare for priority technologies through the TNA process.


60 min  Intervention  Speaker
5 min Welcome and intro by moderator Sara Trærup, UNEP DTU Partnership
10 min TNAs in UNFCCC context Vladimir Hecl, UNFCCC
10 min TNA regional overview Subash Dhar, UNEP DTU Partnership
10 min TNA/TAP experiences from Pakistan  Dr Qamar u Zaman Chaudhry
10 min TNA/TAP experiences from Cambodia  Mr. Mao Hak
15 min Q&A


How to join

Link to the side event (Zoom platform event)


Meeting ID: 626 4316 2013

Passcode: 286085

Contact person

Sara Trærup, slmt@dtu.dk

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